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Fastensol Mid Clamp


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These Fastensol Mid Clamps are available in two sizes and are designed to secure two neighbouring solar panels to the mounting rails, and are used between any two panels.

System features and specifications:

  • 30mm are for use with 30mm depth panels
  • 35mm are for use with 35mm depth panels
  • Suitable for pitched and flat roofs
  • Cladding type: tiled, slate and sheet metal (other roof mounts also available)
  • Maximum slope: 60 degrees
  • Wind load: up to 60m/s
  • Snow load: 2.0kn/m2
  • Maximum building height: 20m
  • Material: aluminium
  • Color: black
  • MCS 012 certification
  • Warranty: 12 years durability on material, 5 years on finish
  • Manufacturer: Xiamen Fasten Solar Technology Co., Ltd